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I am a fairy, your argument is invalid.

Obviously not my costume, I stole borrowed it from Jo Ellen. Just came back from the Labyrinth ball, it was kind of awesome, met a bunch of great new people including Diana who plied me with alcohol for the entire night (I think I love her).

Now sitting in bed at flatlinejack's eating peanut butter on toast at 4 am omnomnomnom.

Yes don't worry I'll be coming home soon (read: when Matt and Jo are sick of me sleeping on their love sack).

Yeah again I may do a proper LJ post about the ball when I get home. Maybe.
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Cosplay Workshop

Just a quick mention to say the workshop /won't/ be the 28th as apparently I wasn't clear enough about the date so he didn't book the hall. Hopefully it should be sometime in April now, after Minamicon, to avoid stress.

I need to finish recording/homework/make that post about an X-Men group I was going to do. ;o;

Bleh, cup of tea me thinks.
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Ren Faires & Workshop

So um, would anyone be interested in going to one at some point? I personally would LOVE to. I love castles and have been to like, a million since I was a kid and period design is something I eventually want to get into (when I think I'm good enough). The idea makes me squee inside. :3

There's a few in the UK (though they are usually listed as 'Medieval Festivals', I think the term Ren Fair is more American) including; Essex, Sussex, Kent, Nottinghamshire and a few others.


This year may be a little early for organising to go to one for the day/weekend but I am so making one of Anne Boleyn's dresses from The Tudors since it's the right period. :P

Anyway a quick mention; I think we've settled on the date of 28th of February for the workshop. I'm going to be compiling a list of stuff we need to buy for the workshop since Paul needs to buy it all. If there's anything anyone will need (i.e. jemma - wigs) then note it down and I'll email Paul.

I really need to get this VA-ing finished, wtf motivation I NEED SOME.
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Cosplay Workshop

Yo, so I got an email from Paul saying he wants me to organise another workshop. Who is interested in coming? It's going to be in Bexleyheath again so it'll be close to all you London peops, though I think the venue may be a little different from last time since he mentioned a big hall.

Me, Mark, Jess, Nert and Nert's friends Ruth and Allan had a great time last time. :3 (NERT PLEASE COME AGAIN ;o;) Pictures related.

So, dates. It'll be either February or March. 14th of March and the 26th of March are out (Mark's birthday-thing is the 7th of February). Common sense dictates it shouldn't be too early in February to let planning time insure. The February dates would be best to avoid headless chicken too-close-to-Minami panic as all dates are at least a month away from Minamicon. These are the possible dates (all Saturdays):



So yep, if you're interested leave a comment and I'll sort out which is the best date for everyone! Really you needn't do much or prepare anything, just gimme moral support. ;D Although if you bring things (like Nert bought a bunch of props and so on) it's appreciated. As before I'll be fixing up a powerpoint presentation (WHICH WILL WORK THIS TIME DAMN IT), Cosplay isn't mandatory but it'd be fun for the kids if you did dress up (feel free to pick something comfortable, I probably will be) and there should be somewhere to change. Travel will be paid for, lunch on me too! I am getting paid, so I hope to spread some around but some will be taken out beforehand for materials and such like so I don't know how much I'll end up with. I'd love your help though!
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Cosplay ball, plans and panto.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks and all in all it's been pretty awesome.

Firstly it should be mentioned that I am incredibly clever and awesome and that I have (Finally) embedded LJ into my website. AWW YEAH *does a dance*. I really need to do affiliates, why am I so lazy?


Cosplay Ball weekend

Obviously I am the last to be arsed with a report because I am a rubbish. Still here I goes... Collapse )


Panto - Robin Hood

Hmm, sadly I don't think mark got any pictures of me in tights! (no beard sadly.. I had to change from man to woman very quickly D'OH) However, Here's me singing (a rather old song) called "I only saw him once". Sadly for some reason the out of tune backing singers decided to sing along for this performance so if you hear an odd echo that's probably them. Still I am pretty loud.


Cosplay plans

I've decided on doing Jam so I can join in with yuka02's group at Ayacon but also it will be great to take to AX since I can use my own hair as the base. I'm also thinking of doing Lara croft for AX for the same reason. Except I only played the classic games so I'm not sure on what version, we shall see! So plans for next year look something like this:

+ Officer Jenny
(possible Yoko rewear if I get badgered into it and I can't think of anything else)
I WANT TO DO SOMETHING ELSE but I dunno what. What is everyone else doing?

October Expo:
+ Rogue (GROUP = DO WANT Mark WILL have Gambit done damn it)

+ Jam
Possible rewear of Jenny for group.
Lara is possible if done.
Maybe Mylene? Big mama?

+ Jam
+ Lara

October Expo:
+ Moon Dreamers (?) :O :O


So yeah otherwise I'm doing okay. Dunno where I'm going to be for christmas yet. College is going alright though I really dropped the ball on the last day. I got all of my other projects in on time but I was up all night on one and was just like fffff it's not working, so I called in and organised a mitigating circumstances extension so I can hand it in after christmas. I feel a bit fail for having to rely on this but meh. Had to send my tutor letters from my doctors which was annoying.

Just came back from a week with Mark which was nice, we had a mini christmas! I need to start recording lines for Twin Succubus soon, then when I've done my school work I want to get started on officer jenny. I SHALL NOT WASTE MY TIME OFF DAMNIT. I unpacked and tidied my room, does that count as an accomplishment?

Will get around to adding pictures of Belle up at some point (estimated: 8 months time), also Perrin's just told me I've been posted on /s/ (why are people rar-ing my boring chat files? The internet confuses me) so now is probably a good time to go to bed. 'night.
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Obligatory Amecon post + exciting news.

Normally I am pretty slow at this kind of thing, but look! Only two days after. ;P I can't promise anything an in depth as Nert usually does but I'll have a go.


Collapse )


So the other exciting news? Well it's exciting for me at least. To one of my friends sadly not, but nevermind. I got an email a little while ago from Ayaka Hahn the guy who organises my Voice work (which yes has been mostly Hentai stuff but nevermind :P) and he wants me to be the promotions girl of dlsite.com. dlsite.com isn't all hentai stuff and does have an under 18's section so the work I'll be doing isn't mature. Basically I will be doing live streaming once a week a cosplay videos as well as a few other things and getting paid for it! They're also going to be paying for my costume fees for anything I make and everything. I am pretty excited, it sounds like so much fun. The emails I got explaining it more are behind the cut:

Collapse )

So yes, all in all I have been in pretty high spirits lately! I'm going to go round and actually READ all the LJ's I've missed in the last week, I think I have quite a bit of catching up to do. x__x;
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Yoko, she's such a hot rogue.

So, today I trekked back from Mark's saying a sad goodbye to Vince the cat (and well, Mark as well). On the way home I hunted out a chococat . We practiced the song and all seems good, though it's apparent I need to goddamnitfuckingpracticemore. ;D

But when I got home I had many happy surprises. :O Hmm, what was this in the suspiciously large box? I must open it and see..

Collapse )

Not only did THAT cheer me up immensely (I had been waiting motherfuckingmonths for the damned thing, oh God it was worth the wait) but I got all my parcels from ebay (there were a lot mm cosplay <3) and one of my wigs came for a costume I haven't mentioned yet.. can you guess? ;D

Collapse )

So and that aside, my skintness problem has been solved in the way of my Dad! He gave me and my brother £250 for no reason :O ! I am such a lucky skank sometimes. I dunno what I'd do if I didn't rely so heavily on things being okay in the end. Still I count this as good karma for all the God AWFUL Karma I had around my birthday week. Shit was not funny. Still things are looking up now and I can buy a pretty new dress for the ball! Hoorah! Why are dresses so cheap on ebay? There must be some kind of catch..

Speaking of my Dad though I am a little worried. My brother told me he was in court today, so I'll be giving him a call tomorrow. I think today he was making his plea, but it seems that not trial will be taking place till next year at the earliest. I dunno how he's dealing so well with it to be honest. I'd be tearing my hair out at having to wait. Fortunately he has his (slightly crazy and bi-polar) girlfriend for support, so he's okay though I do want to go see him as soon as I can.

Also thanks for the books suggestions in the last post. I am off to town tomorrow to deposit monies so I’ll be popping into Waterstones and having a gander. I admit, I did have a good hard lol at the Dan Brown hating that went on in the comments. Who knew he inspired such hate? Though it is no surprise, Mark thinks he can’t write, but neither can Dan Brown and he’s a fucking Best Seller. Arse bandit. How he got past the publishers I do not know. It’s also my little brother’s birthday in a few days (what the Hell do you buy eleven year old boys? HALP PLS) so I should probably get something for him.

What do you know, two posts in the space of three days. Watch out the world may very well implode.

Oh and before I forget, Paul emailed me the other day, the librarian from Bexleyheath. Asking if I was up for doing another cosplay workshop in the Autumn. Obviously I said I’m up for it (and Mark has no choice!), but if anyone else wants to come along too they’re welcome (*cough* nert), we had a pretty fun time last time despite Powerpoint DEATH and me flailing around like a headless chicken. I have a lot of supplies now so I don’t have to worry about 25 pairs of scissors not getting here in time. :>

Anyway I better go before I die of HAPPY. Oh God. Love you all.
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This omelette is very.. crunchy.

So while Mark is making eggs (with most of the shell) I figured I'd do a quick update since I haven't in a while because I am made of fail and aids.

Quick mention to odangochan , Phil, liathe , perrinashcroft , nert , true_delusion , chococat and Rob, thanks for coming to my birthday. ~ Karaoke was much funs. Thanks for all my cards/pressies (oh and Nert, Mark did remember the chocolate bar, only the chocolate strawberries suffered a death :P). Highlights included my "lol u r gay" cake from Perrin and rockband which is just omgawesomewant.

A lot of other stuff went wrong around my birthday but I'm over it. I didn't get to see Morrissey like I was hoping to, but they'll be other chances. Shit happens.

Cosplay wise I've been helping Mark (i.e. my help involves shouting at him a lot, telling him to stop being so lazy and YES he can do that and NO I'm not doing it for him) do his OD shirt and trousers for Big Boss. Figured it would save him some money since we're both a bit skint at the moment. I also got half of my Yoko bikini done (the new Teflon foot I bought at least fits on /his/ machine, let's hope it fits on mine too because I'll be damned if I'm buying a 3rd one) my red leatherette is at home so I can't do the flames here, started on Eva's watch, finished take three of Sophitia's foot armour (which seems to be holding on better this time). I still have to repaint her sword at home. Not looking forward to this. Chrome paint is a NIGHTMARE and takes forever to dry. If anyone has any tips/tricks/alternatives to using chrome paint but that will still look like a shiny silver sword I am all ears, baring in mind the sword is fibreglass and has little absorbency (thinking a thin layer of putty over it to help it suck up paint probably will help).

I need a money making scheme that isn't a job. Money would be a whole lot easier if my brother gave me the £500 he owed me. I hate siblings.

I changed my LJ again since the last one looked crap quite frankly. It's still not up to the standards I keep for my websites but it's slightly better. I added code into the .CSS though that means the nav bar can't be seen for ANYONE so if you use that normally for browsing LJ, well, tough luck. >:3

Speaking of which I'm getting itchy to make websites again. I hate looking after them though so I'd rather make them for other people. So you know, if you or anyone you know wants a website for any reason give me a bell. I have plenty of bandwidth and space left as well if anyone wants subdomain/domain hosting http://ai-honey.com/hosting.php.

I've been slowly adding more people to LJ lately, one by one. I'm still very apprehensive to add too many people I don't know well, but I'll never get to know new people at that rate will I? I still doubt I'll be one of those people who have a bajillion people on their list because I like to know or at least get to know everyone. Adding half a ton of people I don't know will only lead to being very bored when it comes to reading my friends entries page. :>

I want to read more. Any suggestions? I have Just finished "An Utterly Impartial History of Britain or 2000 Years of Upper-class Idiots in Charge" by John O'Farrell (link) which was highly amusing and I'd recommend to anyone who used to like "Horrible History" books as a child. His mix of adult humour makes it quite a light read despite being a rather huge book on history. I'm quite open to most genres, though if anyone suggests Dan Brown to me I will have stab you in the eyes to disallow you from ever having the privilege to read again. ;D

So yes. Things are okay. I have mostly sorted out things with Seb and we are sort of back to talking as normal. I tend to talk to people less when I am at Mark's so I haven't spoken to many people much lately so I haven't spoken to him much either. He apologised for being intentionally mean which is ultimately all I wanted and probably brought up some concerns that should have been addressed anyhow. I'll probably be going home in a few days. I was going to be going home tomorrow but a) didn't feel like it and b) I was going to chococat's to practice SECRET song for the ball but she's feeling a bit crummy too. I'm looking forward to the ball (even though I still have nothing to wear?!) and singing, I have no idea how she manages to do two entire sets though. Far too much effort for me. :P Hopefully it will all go well and I won't make a complete ass of myself on stage (although I am sure there will be plenty of people who will be very amused if I did so it's a win win situation!).

And before I go, thanks for the comments on my last entry, it meant a lot to me to have support from you guys. Thanks. <3 and I'm out. xx
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Tiredness, kitties and Soul Calibur.

Grah. I am so tired I feel like I have been kicked in the head. These herbal tablets, they do nothing!

I'm currently at Marks being bored since there isn't much to do. I want to play Soul Calibur but the other girls in the house are watching TV. I've been playing through 3 and I've played through as Xhiangua, Cassandra and Tira. Damn they all have annoying voices. Why does Tira sound CUTE?? She should clearly be evil sounding. Tira was bloody hard. The first eight or so battles were easy and Mark thought I was doing a lot better with her than the other two, until I came up against the power house that is Setsuka. Oh My God. She kept kicking my ass. It must've taken like 20, 25 goes to beat her. The last two, Mitsuguri and Cervantes weren't easy but they were nothing compared to Setsuka. I was mostly going through the game to unlock Sophitia since I wanted to see her player 2 outfit better. I'm fairly sold on doing that at some point, it's really nice. Though I think I'll probably wait until I get my copy of 4 to see what her alternate costume in that is like.

Mark's flatmates friend Sian is staying with them and she has the most adorable kitty in the world. He's called vince and he's a black and white cat and he has this tiny little white moustache. He keeps longing to go outside though and he makes this tiny little miaow that is just heartbreaking. Mark isn't quite as fond of him any more as he was since he keeps coming into our room early in the morning and waking us up (he does what my cat used to do when he wanted attention ala biting toes). :P Sian has bought him a cat lead though so it may be amusing to see how he takes to that! I really miss my cat now. It's going to be really hard to leave. :S

I'm still undecided what to do for Amecon. Since this is going to be my 3rd Amecon I thought I might try at the competition but I'm stuck for ideas. Whilst Yoko and Sophitia have impressive looking weapons the rest of the outfit is only on an intermediate level. EVA's not hard at all. So I was thinking of making another big dress (since I like doing this). But I am still at a loss for inspiration. I did however see some dupion silk in a turquoise colour that would be perfect for Yukari but it was like £14 a metre. :S I don't have enough money at the moment and it's at a store in cambridge. D: Also I'd have no clue where to get enough fake roses that I could dye. Alternatively I could do the version at the end where she is wearing the original jewellery and not the roses I guess. Though tbh I wonder if it's worth it and if instead I should concentrate on fixing up all the costumes that need it than taking on something else. But meh, it's annoying. :<

I should be doing something right now. I need energy. ugh. I'm hoping my psychiatrist will actually prescribe me something for the hypersomnia when I see him next. If not I can't see myself getting over this any time soon. At least Mark's going to be home soon. Sadly he's not a whole lot more motivated than me so I can steal his powers. :( Oh well. Better just try and get my ass in gear and quit whinging I guess. After all that does nothing. I don't want to go home. D: Still at least I got invited out by the guys I used to work with on Wednesday. It'll be good to see them again.

Must focus on the positive, must do more!

.. why can't you buy motivation?
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So it looks like I'll be running a cosplay workshop for a kids manga club at Bexleyheath Library. This should be great fun! I already have so much planned:

* I'll be bringing all my spare wigs and odd bits and bobs box of fabric with me and we'll definitely be doing a 'make a cosplay in five minutes' game. The results are always hilarious!

* I'll set up a little presentation on a website (pfft to powerpoint, I don't have it anyway), with pictures of me (and assuming no one else minds pictures of my friends :3) cosplaying, progress pictures and how I did things etc.

* Totally cosplaying to the event! Since Sailor Moon is my most recogniseable of the lot I'll be doing her and dragging along my friend Jess as Sailor V (hopefully).

* Gonna buy some materials with the money so the kids can make some props and small cosplay items. I would buy lots of fimo (99p ftw) but it needs to be baked. Shall ask the guy if the library has a oven. xD May bring along my sewing machine if I can be bothered. Unfortunately my sewing machine doesn't have a hard case so I'd have to be careful with it.

This should be so much fun! I had a blast teaching kids at my little brothers school, but this should be way more fun!

Oh yeah he said someone else was interested in helping out (this wouldn't be anyone on my friend list would it?) if you did I could give back your travel expenses/lunch for coming. :) No harm with a bit of extra help. But I demand you cosplay something. >:3

Also any other ideas are welcome!


Aside from all that cosplay stuffs is all done, I just finished painting my Sailor Moon brooch which looks cute. I still need to make Yoko's neckwarmer which I shall do today, which I can do on my brand new WIN sewing machine. REALLY looking forward to Minami! I can't wait to see all you guys. Hopefully me and Mark will be doing interviews for cosplayisland so everyone who's going to Minami beware. :D It shall be a shame Mark won't be doing his interviews in his Sekret costume though xD Hopefully if I bribe Perrin with many drinks he won't put stupid captions under my name (doubtful).

Life is generally okay. I shall be meeting up with one of my old friend on Wednesday for lunch (I really can't afford it but ah well) which I am looking forward too. My Dad is fine, annd my Grandad is doing well after having a pace maker put in and a hernia operation. My cousins kitty died though :| she got hit by a car too. I think it is the curse of black cats. I'm making sure my next cat has light markings or something..

*dances* Minami! Minami!

Dang I dunno what has got into me though. I have SO MANY cosplays planned for Amecon. Aside from re-wearing Yoko and Sailor Moon again for groups, I have Sophitia planned for the SC group and I just joined the Persona 3 group since I want to do Mitsuru (also we need more people for this group JOIN JOIN JOIN!!). But I also want to do Yukari from Paradise Kiss! How am I going to have to time to do them all (and more importantly how will i fit them all in one suitcase?!).

Ah the trials and tribulations of being a cosplayer.

Anyway that is enough excited ramblings from me, I need to go make my neckwarmer (and eat! I haven't even had breakfast yet). See you all soon!
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