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ai_honey's Journal

3 July
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I am a girl with high aspirations and low motivation. The things I am good at I take for granted the most, whether that be my mediocre singing ability, the fact I can hash fairly presentable xHTML valid W3 compliant websites together, that I can get on a horse without falling off and killing myself or that I can make an item of clothing without it falling apart.

I'm not good enough at anything and probably never will be, I came to that conclusion a long time ago, but I don't let that stop me from improving myself.

I like to cosplay, it's escapism and pure enjoyment. I love to read, for the same reasons. Unfortunately I like to sleep far too much for the same reasons.

I treasure my friends more than anything. These days I seem to be making more and more which leads me to be thinly spread sometimes. However little I may be around it doesn't mean you are not in my thoughts and that I like you any less. I am incredibly loyal which leads me to being hurt terribly when it ultimately all goes wrong. For this reason I am very careful over who I trust to be friends as opposed to someone I just know in passing. So if I do not except your friend request, don't be taken aback. Chances is I just don't know you well enough yet.

I have a lot of problems, like everyone else. I am slightly broken. I suffer from clinical depression and have done so for a number of years. If this bothers you somehow I'd suggest not sticking around here.